Lease Rental Discounting

Lease Rent Discounting or LRD is the kind of Mortgage Loan which is suitable for the people dealing in Real Estate Sector and property developers. As the name implies in itself that it is offered against Rental Receipts from lease contracts with corporate tenants. The considerations for Lease Rent Discounting is between the lessee and lessor and the financial institute who is going to lend to the lessor. 

The rent from such properties leased out by established corporate houses is considered as fixed income over stipulated time for which the lender sanctions the loans against the rent receivables. In this case the lender receives the rent and the lessor who is the borrower gets the loan for the period of the lease tenure.

There are certain criterias that needs to be fulfilled for such type of loans where you can secure a Lease Rent Discounting. These kind of loan agreements can be reached up the pre requisites being fulfilled by the borrower.

Corporate Tenants: 

A corporate house with a good credit rating and the certainity that the payments are likely to come for the tenure of the lease is upon which the lending financial institute agrees up to Lease Rent Discounting

Long Term Lease Agreements:

Lending financial institutes look for long term lease for Lease Rent Discounting in which even the tenants also have to sign certain agreements for financial security purposes which include lock in periods before which the tenant is not allowed the vacate the property.

Biggest Benefits of Lease Rent Discouting:

You can reap dual benefits from Lease Rent Discouting, one being the Lease Rent Discouting itself and the next being that the property can be mortgaged for Term Loan as well thus giving you better and more liquidity out of your immovable asset. Cannot get better than that right ?

This kind of a financial product has a certain customer base namely:

  • Developers
  • REIT's (Real Estate Investment Trusts)
  • High Networth Investors

If you think and are sure that you fit into these criterias and you wish to have dual benefits as well. . . what are you waiting for we at Loan On Click are just a Click Away ! ! !

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