Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance
In the current day and time where the Indian industries and businesses are flourishing year on year with a good percentage to back them up and plus the global diaspora of trade and commerce looking up to Indian business houses it has become the need of the hour to have finance at their beck and call to not just expand but also to honour what is received as orders or to deliver that project which has a massive financial requirement. 

Now if you see there are a two main ways of getting corporate finance :

  • Secured Corporate Finance.
  • Unsecured Corporate Finance.

Secured Corporate Finance loan is procured against collateral. As the name is itself self explaonatory that it is against collateral and is easier to procure at a lower interest rate as well.

Unsecured Corporate Finance is a collateral free loan module where on the basis of certain parameters you can avail Corporate Finance of upto 10 Crores INR within 3 working weeks itself. And that also completely collateral free.

Also under Corporate Finance the following can be covered :

  • Inventory Funding.
  • Bill Discounting.
  • Industrial Loan.
  • Machinery Loan.
  • Debt Restructuring.

Also to bring to your notice that Investor Funding can also be arranged for, for certain clientele.

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