Mortgage Loan

Mortgage Loan, the mother of all loans and against lowest rate of interests due to security provided in lieu of the loan taken. 

As the name itself suggests Mortgage is what you need to do against the loan required and can be taken for various causes and 

purposes ranging from personal to professional to business.

Mortgage loan is the kind of financial product which comes handy when you are in need of that nudge or extra lift to your life,

to get what you want. And just to show case you a few examples of personal to professional to business needs where they can be used.

Mortgage Loan for Personal Purposes:

  • For Medical Treatment purposes
  • For Marriage or any major social ceremonies
  • For Home Renovation
  • For that dezirable Dream Vacation
  • For child's Higher Education

Mortgage Loan for Professional Purposes:

  • For Buying those expensive equipments required in your profession
  • For Renovation of your office 
  • For bringing in a little on hand working budget
  • for that specialization training that can give you a boost in your profession

Mortgage Loan for Business or Commercial Purposes:

  • For Working Capital
  • For Purchasing new machinery or equipment
  • For ongoing or forthcoming Projects
  • For Business Expansion
  • For mergers or takeovers
  • For Modernization of Factory of office machinery and equipments

Now that you know what can be done with a Mortgage Loan we shall briefly delve into the various Mortgage Loan Variants that can come 

handy before applying for the loan.

Term Loan

Lease Rental Discounting

Cash Credit

Over Draft

Bank Guarantee

Equipment / Machinery Funding

Bill / Invoice Discounting

Loan Against POS Terminal

Loans for Doctors

Loan Against Securities or shares

Education Loan

Commercial Loan

Exhausting isn't it to know so many purposes can be fulfilled and from so many variants. That is why Loan On Click exists to take care

of the pain points and give solutions as per them. Just imagine this you get door step srevices, as good as no hassles and the best in 

class services to see to it that your purpose is solved sans all the hassles involved in the procurement of Mortgage Loan.

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