Loan On Click is the brain child of Mr. Suhas Puntambekar, founder of Element Finserv. Loan On Click operates within India. Loan On Click was brought to fruition from the idea that getting a loan should be hassle free and free of the fine print scare. As was realized over the years working in the industry, that the biggest of investments in procuring a loan is the investment of time for the various purposes plus understanding the fine prints at play. We Loan On Click are a loan disbursement specialists and believe in deliverables that are fast and hassle free and financially favourable to the one procuring the loan.

Why Loan On click

let us make it shorter and simpler for you to understand why Loan On Click is the best available choice for you in the market at any given point of time.

  • Door step services.
  • Competitive loan rates in market.
  • Easy Documentation.
  • Fast and hassle free process.
  • Product vertical specialists.
  • Experienced staff.
  • Ex Bankers as panelists for better guidance.
  • Latest updates on banking products.
  • Real time application updates.
  • CIBIL Guidance.
  • Advantage of life time free services for loans.
  • All loans under one roof.

If you still think something is missing and that you want do let us know we can always accomodate a few more to our
services that can benefit you and other clients at large.